Well, I’m off for a few days to the mighty land of California for the Macromedia MAX Conference. I’m actually typing this from the lovely Joz’s computer. She was nice enough to offer me a futon for a night so I could come and visit. So I’m currently in Los Angeles. She took me on a tour of all the fun touristy places from Santa Monica to Hollywood.

And we saw The Robertson Dancer. He’s this guy who wears spandex, and has a boom box, and just spends the dancing. Way funny.

Lots of pretty boys here … *sigh* Of course, I can’t tell who’s gay and who’s not (except for the ones holding hands — which doesn’t do me any good — not that a boy in L.A. would do me any good anyway, but i digress …)

Tonite, Joz and Yoshi and I are going to have a nite on the town with dinner and drinks. Then tomorrow, we pick up David (hopefully) at the airport and off we go to Anaheim.
So glad to be here! Nice to be out of Texas for a while … This is something of a vacation for me, long overdue.

I’ve got a camera, so I’ll be posting pics when I return. 🙂 I will be back on Thursday (for all intents and purposes).

Don’t miss me too much.