David and I had lunch today at a little pizza place that serves some damned good calzones (best I’ve ever had, actually). The restaurant had FOX News playing on the TVs and I almost made myself dizzy from rolling my eyes as much as I did while listening to their bullshit commentary.

They featured two stories — one was based on this little internet video — and they actually showed part of the video on the air.

The look on the faces of the lady anchor’s face was amusing alone — and she comes back with how “disgusted” she is. And then she proceeds to go off on some rant about how children are forgetting the meaning of Christmas, Christ’s birth, etc. We heard Christ-this, Christ-that for the next 10 minutes.

Ya know, if people would just try to be a little more understanding and a lot less stand-off-ish, the world would be a much happier place. The time spent on fighting whether or not a sculpture of a bible can be displayed in a court house could also be used to take a child predator off the streets, raise money for educational programs, or some other form of social betterment. Just because there is a symbol of religion does not mean that you are expected to fall to know your knees and cry, “O Jehova!” Have to view a religious symbol that does not fall in line with your own personal beliefs is not offensive, so get over yourself. If you have a problem with the nativity scene on your neighbor’s yard, put up a plastic buddha. Or better yet — ignore it and go bake some cookies to give to your neighbor as a holiday gift.

People, really — Christmas isn’t any different than Thanksgiving or Halloween or Valentine’s Day. It’s a social holiday that one religion has chosen to mark with spiritual significance. And just because you don’t believe in the religious dogma that is involved with “Christmas” doesn’t mean that you can’t participate in peace, cheer, and making the world a better place. So again, get over yourself.

I hear so often, “I don’t celebrate Christmas.” Then don’t celebrate Christmas — enjoy the season, the trees and lights, the gift giving (and receiving). Separate religion from day if you must. Just because it happens to say “Christ” in the word doesn’t have to have a significant weight if you don’t want it to. I mean, if you’re pagan, would you name your kid Christopher? Or is that taboo because it has the word Christ in it?

My point in all this — If you would spend the time being a little less offended, you might actually enjoy the holiday season and maybe possibly make the world a slightly more peaceful place.

So there. Merry fucking Christmas.