I watched the 3rd debate last nite — the first time in my life that I’ve ever watched all three debates for a campaign. I have to admit that I think this was the best debate, ranging from topics discussed to focus and conviction presented by the candidates, especially Kerry.
I think that some of the questions that were presented were very direct and “on-the-spot” which I really liked. For example, the question about outsourcing jobs that was given to Bush was awesome, even though Bush danced around the question by turning to education as a solution to the outsourcing. Kerry was honest and said he can’t just do away with outsourcing, it’s not even a possibility. Good for him — I wish we could see more of this. Honesty, that is.
That’s my biggest issue with the debates. I understand that a lot of people expect the president to be almost a God-figure, but they’re human and they are only capable of doing so much. Admit that, please. Don’t pull this “I will win the war on terror” bullshit with me. There are SO many factors they have no control over. A simple “We will do our best to pursue the terrorists and destroy their presence in our nation and in the world” would be just fine by me. And Jesus, Kerry, quit saying you’re going to KILL the terrorists. That makes me feel uncomfortable.
I think Kerry still has it all over Bush. And I hope the rest of the nation sees that. 98% of my friends and associates are voting Kerry. Of course 95% of them are gay. Speaking of which —
THANK YOU, MR. KERRY, for explaining that homosexuality is not a choice. Your comments were well spoken, and I appreciate your efforts in creating rights for same-sex couples.
I hope everyone is planning on exercising your right to vote on 11/2. Even if you’re voting for Bush, you still need to vote. Its the only way our country is goin to recover from this war and progress to something better.