I’m a music snob. All my friends know this. I’m very picky about things, and if I like a song, I will usually add it to my music rotation and get to know it very well. As of late, I’ve been in need of a fix of new stuff. I have a fairly eclectic taste in music, and am always up to try something new. So, if you have someone you fancy that you think I might like, by all means, please leave a comment. Do NOT leave me trash like Britney Spears and child. I won’t even bother checking it out. I, in turn, am sharing three of my recent finds. I have another one that is in the mail, and will post it when I get it and can listen to the full cd. You can check out these bands on AllofMP3.com — except for the Verve cd. Maybe try Amazon.com for that.

Kate Melua: Call Off The Search. I actually downloaded this cd on accident. I wanted one song, and pushed the wrong button. (Smart, Michael.) Katie Melua kind’a sorta reminds of Nora Jones, but younger and more raw. Her voice could use a little work, perhaps, and some of her songs are a little insipid. But, for some reason, it started to grow on me, even after one listening. Perhaps it’s because she spaced out her good songs throughout the cd. So you suffer through some of the lesser and then hit something great. The best songs on this cd are Blame It On The Moon and Faraway Voice. I think the reason I like them both is because they are both a little musically unusual. Plus, I’m a sucker for good ballads. Overall, the cd isn’t that great, but you should definitely check out those two songs, and maybe watch for future releases by her.

The Dears: No Cities Left. This cd is a little more unusual for me to listen to. It’s a little along the lines of Belle & Sebastian (of whom I like selective songs) meets Elvis Costello. The opening song, “We Can Have It All,” is what convinced me to download the album. The remaining songs get kind’a lost in the mumbojumbo of the songs — except for the song “22 – The Death of All the Romans.” The title song is also fairly decent — the melody is repetitive, which gets it stuck in your head after a couple of listenings. Overall, it’s ok. I have some friends who have really gotten into them, so it’s worth a listen.

Verve 3: Remixed. I have Verve 1: Remixed and Verve 2: Remixed — and Verve 3 falls right in line with the others. They’re remixed versions of jazz, blues, and lounge classics. Most of them are pretty fun. Verve 3 is a nice collection of standards from Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, and the likes. I, personally, however, can only take so much. 3 or 4 songs per cd is all I can handle before I have to put in something else. The songs from this cd that are outstanding are Little Girl Blue, Speak Low, and Lilac Wine. The rest are just “ok.” But still, the remixes are pretty good quality and do not take away from the song. Definitely worth a listen. You can get it on iTunes as well.