I really don’t have much to say today. Been a frustrating day really. Woke up by my alarm this morning from a hard sleep which left me feeling drained and groggy. Snoozed 3 times (which i haven’t done in a while). Showered, drove to work — and it’s been a barrage of projects since.
I’ve been working on this new learning object to help students understand the epidemiologic triangle. Well there are aspects of it I don’t fully understand myself (as I’m not a nurse or even in the damn medical field), and so I’ve been doing research to better understand the concept. Well my coworker and I were discussing various scenarios of how the three points (host, agent, environment) affect each other — and we became stuck on one. I was chastized by my boss for being too detailed … which frustrates the fuck out of me because I’m just trying to understand the goddamn concept so i can teach it. Pissed me off to no end.
And now I have this other project to work on where people have been dragging their feet … and they want it done right away, even tho I just got the files today.
And now it’s raining super hard out, gusty wind, and the sky is just black. I would pay money right now to just curl up in bed with a certain someone and just listen to the rain and wind.