I was kind’a nervous about this whole Rent movie. It could be REALLY bad. And just from the trailers, the sound seems terribly …. canned. It’s just too fine-tuned sounding to be the raw work it is. But maybe that’s what people like — or want.
Regardless, the soundtrack comes out September 27 — and features a new song at the end called “Love Heals” that was penned by J. Larson, but never included in the show. (I heard another song that was cut that was actually pretty good, tho I can’t remember the name of it for the life of me.)
Anyway, there is also a new trailer for the movie, shows a little more footage — (it seems very … My “So Called” Life — LOL). Let’s hope it’s good. I’m still excited for it. Takes me back to my days when I was in college. Rent came out, and being at a Mormon school, was horribly taboo. OMG, gay people, drag queens, and AIDS, oh my! What would Joseph Smith say!? But we loved it anyway. And we played the shit out of Seasons of Love and La Vie Boheme — and who can forget the Tony Awards that year. LOL
I have to say tho, it really is a shame that Jonathan Larson died. I’ve never been very satisfied with the end of Rent. I think it’s silly, all that weird “Moo” shit — “I jumped over the moon!” Whatever. If the rest of this is so real and heart felt, why does the ending to be so styrofoam? I think they should have kept it like the real La Boheme and let Mimi die. The point would have been all that more poignant.