Well, I did it. RockMeGently 2.0 is completed. Took a lot of tweaking and testing between and IE and Firefox, but we finally have success. A HUGE thank you to my doll of a friend, Adam, who helped me with scripting stuff. Couldn’t have done it without him. And thanks to Alex, David, Davy, and Laura who have been my guinea pigs to taste stuff.
So now that I have a fresh design, I’ll *probably* blog more. Theoretically, anyway.
In other news, everyone at work has been getting sick this past week. Half of our office was out on Tuesday. I thought I was good off because I had refrained from the illness. That is, until Friday, when one of the students came in to get her PDA and take a test. The girl was dripping in sickness. I mean, she just looked bad. And she’s all coughin’, and snottin’ all over the place. I was like *guh* germs!! And now my bitch ass is sick. My head has hurt all day, I’m one big snot bubble. And trust me, it looks about as attractive as it sounds.
So, time for me to crawl back into bed and sleep to the sound of the on-and-off rain.