Most people who know me, know my cat. She’s so adorable, but she’s kind’a a shit. Very playful, and sometimes affectionate. She’s apparently very vain, however, as she is an over-groomer. This, of course results in the all-too frequent furball.
But, of course, it’s never just fur, is it. No. It’s fur and food. And it’s hot, and usually pretty damn slimey. So, i usually let it sit for a day so I don’t have to rub it into the carpet. But sometimes, she throws up multiple times a day. And seriously, it’s usually like 5-8 times a week. And that gets real old real fast.
SO – I’m trying a home remedy. It seems to be the hair in her stomach that irritates everything. So I wanted to lubricate it — and the best thign I could think of was Crisco. So every morning before I feed her, I put a little tiny bit of crisco on her nose and she licks and licks and licks.
And she hasn’t thrown up yet.
But now …. it seems my cat actually likes Crisco. She licks it off my finger. LOL. I’m not completely certain if this is really healthy for her. But it’s gotta be more healthy than her barfing all the time. And she likes it. How fucked up is that?