I was driving home tonite down Red Bluff — a very uninteresting, wide, and open road. It seems to go on forever. But tonite, it was one of the best feelings, just me, the road, and an almost full moon. The clouds were patterned to look like breaking waves, and the moon reflected off them in a way that just felt magic.
And I realized — for the past few months I have been living in such a swirling cloud of idealism that I’ve blindly missed the things I have that are of utmost value. I stared at the moon while I was stopped at a light, alone. And I thought ya know — the moon is mine tonite. It really always has been, but tonite especially. I don’t have to touch the moon to know it’s mine, I just feel.
I thought about some things I learned as a child — that man’s purpose here on earth is to be happy. And that man can find happiness by having a broken heart and contrite spirit. Of course, that’s not broken heart like in a relational way, but in a sense of humility. People are way too into themselves, and I have been as of late. And maybe my descent from Hurricane Idealism is temporary, but perhaps that how I learn: when I hit the eye of the storm, the calm, when I can take stock of what is still standing, and what is of value.

Don’t Ever — Missy Higgins