Ya know, I’m really tired of having my birthday so damn close to Christmas. It is SUCH a pain in the ass to try to get anyone together to do anything. I mean, I know I should be happy to have a birthday. I know there are some children in Africa who don’t have them, and some even in the US (Jehova Witness Children) — but still.
I’ve been trying to organize a group of people to go some place outside of Texas to celebrate my 25th birthday. We started with Amsterdam. Was looking really good — everyone was excited and wanted to go. But in the end, it was just too pricey.
So then it jumped to a cruise. Do you know how many people said “Cruises are fun — if your old.” (Which I’m not sure what that says about me.) Plus, no one wants to go to Mexico. (Can’t really blame em.)
So then it jumped to Las Vegas. Found some really decent deals — except that it’s Cowboy weekend, most everything is booked, and the shows I wanted to see aren’t playing at that time.
I grabbed a brochure for San Francisco as well, like my mother suggested. I’ll take a look through it … but I don’t know if I really want to put myself through California.
Maybe New York?
I just hate going alone. How fun to spend your birthday travelling alone? How much you wanna bet I end up just staying in Houston. Place your bets now…