I’m at the first “official” day of the conference, been through two sessions — one on Dreamweaver and one on the (very) basics of Flash drawing and illustrating.

We checked in yesterday and went to the pre-conference event which was free drinks and talking with vendors. We actually found a new webhost which seems promising. They told us we could sign up as a reseller and receive a 30% discount on their prices. It still doesn’t come close to what we have with iPower — but their main focus is on technical support, which iPower seems to have NONE of.

David and I are having a blast so far (i totally got drunk last nite). We met one of work friends (from DoubleClick) and his wife, and we’re going to be having dinner/drinks (aka, getting drunk AGAIN) tonite. Can’t wait.

Tomorrow nite, we’re having drinks with our Macromedia representatives (from Austin) and then it’s off to California Adventure (and free drinks to get drunk AGAIN.)

Hooray for having a healthy liver!