I don’t understand the world really, and I’m actually having something of a difficult time grasping this whole New Orleans tragedy. In fact, I think I’ve rather chosen not to deal with it, just sort’a staring at it with incomprehension, almost like a deer caught in the headlights.
I’m not really sure why, i don’t know anyone affected — I just watch. And wonder what the hell is wrong with people. This is difficult situation, and lots of people are helping each other — and that’s good. Because no one will get through this if there isn’t help. And the federal government is sure dragging it’s feet. Thank God for organizations like the Red Cross and Salvation Army who are able to act almost immediately.
And you know — I can’t help but think that if New Orleans was a predominantly white Republican state, a lot more relief would have been provided at a much quicker rate. And to that, I say Fuck You, Mr. President. The small things, like having New Orlean’s flood prevention budget cut by 45% percent to help fund the war — cutting research into levee engineering … why wasn’t this a priority, particularly when NOLA provides 25% of the oil for the country. HELLO, Mr. President. Get off your honkey ass, grab a soul, and help these people. It is not that difficult. Do your job already.