I was talking to a friend today whom I haven’t talked to in a while. We have that sort’a hit and miss kind’a friendship — we are close when we talk, but large gaps of time go by when we don’t speak for no reason. But that’s ok — that’s how we are.
He we telling me that he and his boyfriend of 8 months almost broke up yesterday. There was some unfaithful intentions that may or may not have been of acted upon, and a varitable bevy of lies to try to cover that up, despite vast amounts of contrdicting proof.
So we’re discussing the issue of how he can’t trust him anymore. He goes on telling me about how he just forgive him cuz he’s actually cheated on him 3 times and not said anything. I was beside myself.
I’m like “you bitches. You need to get over it. You’re not going to have a relationship based in trust — how can you — you don’t give reason to trust each other.”

Michael: /shrug
Michael: live and learn.
Michael: Happiness is what you make of it.
Him: What do you mean by that?
Michael: The thing I’ve learned — we want the best — everyone does.
Michael: The problem is — there is no “best” — only “better.”
Him: Yeah … and we are constantly searching for better
Michael: and when you have something you like — it only takes a breeze to bring around something better — or at least what you think is better.
Him: and take for granted what we have
Him: yup. “grass is greener” syndrome
Michael: So it’s learning to say “I don’t need better. I love what I have.” — Say it and eventually you’ll mean it.
Him: You are very right.
Michael: Fix your situation. Make it work — and if you love him — treat him with the respect you give someone you love. And give me his sn so i can tell him the same thing before i snatch you both baldheaded.

Why do people in relationships take this for granted? They can’t just be happy being together. Of course, I’m a total hypocrite for saying so — as I’ve done the same thing with my past relationship with Ryan. (Although it was more convoluted by other details, and it was gradual that I began to want him to be removed from me.) For some reason, being happy just isn’t enough. People want different flavors of happy. Not just chocolate or strawberry or vanilla. And then start wanting double scoops and extra sprinkles. Bastards.
Shit. Now i want ice cream. (mmm. Banana split would be good.)
The point is — stop and take stock of what you have, why you have it, and how you treat it. Fix the holes, patch the cracks, kiss it on the forehead and tell it to sleep well. Don’t suck other guys off. Don’t slip and fall on someone elses’ penis. Keep your clothes on and mouth to yourself. And jesus, love your partner.