I wasn’t feeling well again last nite. My stomach was still 16 kinds of uncomfortable, despite the fact that I took some Pepto (Cherry flavored — it’s not bad, you should try it!) and a Zantac. I thought, “Well, maybe I’m just hungry.” It’s hard to tell when your stomach feels like ass.
Michael-gurl and Glorene came over, and Glorene was hungry — so we opted to go to IHOP because I figured I could handle me some pancakes. (For the record, in hindsight, I don’t like IHOP pancakes.) So we’re sitting at the booth, in the same booth we’re always put in — it must be the *gay* booth — and we’re all talking, la la la. There are two women and boy (maybe 10 years old?) sitting at the table behind us, and it was fairly obvious to me that one of the women was a lesbian.
Well, I called my mom to find out if I was having kidney failure or what, and these women get up to leave. The one obvious lesbian comes up to our table walks over to me (while I’m on the phone) and gives me a hug. She said “I just want to say that’s it’s so good to see young family out in Clear Lake.” And we talked briefly about her partner, etc. It was really nice — and totally caught me off guard. I’ve never met a lesbian who was so nice. And her sweater was sooo soft!