Alex pointed me to a new band today — Eisley. Never heard of them. Here’s their website: So, being that I’d never heard of them before, I open the page and see this picture.

My hell, what is wrong with them? Give the kids a sandwhich and a bar of soap! They look homeless and rather impoverished, not to mention malnourished.
Truth be told, I have no idea what sort of music they play. I read on there that they have canceled their Denver concert because one girl is sick sick sick — the first time in seven years. What the hell!? Were they performing when they were like 8? I mean, I’m not even certain puberty has hit all of them yet.
*UPDATE* —————
So I listened to some of the samples on their site and I have to say, they aren’t bad. Not sure I’d buy a cd, but the remix of Lost At Sea was pretty fun — quirky even. I looked on — but alas, nothing. Sad news. Oh well.