I’m leaving today at 6:45 for Vegas to meet up with my blogging buddy, Adam from aristoi.org. I’ve never met him before — but I KNOW we’re going to have such a good time. We don’t really have any set plans … going to see the new Cirque show “KA” at the MGM on Friday nite.
This is supposed to be my Birthday trip — but honestly, it’s more of a vacation for me, because I so desparately need a vacation. And of course, I’d just have to go and get sick 4 days before I’m supposed to leave.
Karma, I’m sure.
David and Matthew are joining us tomorrow and i’m sure we’ll find lots of great food and adult beverages to consume. I’ve requested that we go to at least one drag show (NOT Celine Dion) while we’re there. Other than that, i have no expectations or iteneraries.
Adam was telling me he was going to get me an escort for my birthday. They’re like $300 an hour. He sent me some pictures from some tak-a-rific site — and they had REVIEWS of these escorts. Let’s think about this — um. EW. They made it out like they were a restauarant or a book or something. “I had this, and it was fabulous.” Knowing that 98% of those guys are freaky, yuk-o’s — why would I want to pay $300 an hour to “be” with some good looking person. It really made me feel ill.
Well, iller than I already was.
Anyway, I should be back late Monday nite. I’m taking a digi-cam, so I should have pics, etc.