I was sitting at the counter in a dinner on a corner … Hooray! I’m in Las Vegas with bon monsieur Adam! What a jolly good time we’ve had wandering from casino to casino in a drunken stupor. Actually, it seems like all we’ve done at this juncture in the game is … well … gamble and eat. Of course, I’m too chicken shit to play anything but slots — and I’m happy to say that I have won back everything I spent, plus enough to cover anything I’ve bought while here. So God bless the Wheel of Fortune slot machines.
Last night we went to see Ka — Cirque du Soleil’s latest show, playing at the MGM. Overall impression: the technology got in the way of the show. Yes, there were some AMAZING things. But seriously, the way the sets worked was just breathtaking and gargantuan. It totally stole from the actors. Music was ok. Nothing spectacular. And much to everyone’s surprise, i’m sure — I’ve yet to buy anything Cirque except for the program.
But as I’ve said, we wandered around yesterday — playing slots — eating — discussing how unfortunate some womens’ outfits were, dodging the little cards that the non-english speaking people thurst in front of us as we walk that have pictures of women eating another woman’s ass. We walked probably 6-7 miles yesterday, and chilrens, my body HURTS. Thank god I’ve been sleeping well.
Adam has been a doll. We’ve had a delightful time talking and walking and gambling. Everyone should meet him when they have the chance.
Today we are meeting up with David and Matthew (who arrived late last nite). Who can say what lies in store for tonite. Maybe we’ll stalk Celine and throw things at her.