Isn’t life the shit? It never quite turns out the way you think it’s gonna go. Like, you go to Burger King to get some onion rings, and they’re out — despite the fact that you risked missing Desparate Housewives to get them (bastards!).
Actually, ya know — i’m really sick of it, tired of constantly having to work for shit. I work hard. Constantly, doing my best to get shit accomplished. But it can never just *happen.* Always has to be some bump in the road, some file not configured, some asshole not paying the water bill, some dishit not doing a thorough job.
Everytime, it’s like i always come in 2nd. And i’m really not meaning to complain — becuase I do enjoy the work I do, for the most part. But I am so frustrated with shit not going my way as of late.
I’m thinking karma is just some astral bullshit that some fuckwad came up with to be all deep and philosophical and shit. Well fuck karma. Cuz i’m fuckin’ tired of it.