One of the best things about living in the ghetto is trash pick up. Well, sorta. Our trash is only picked up once a week — and if someone blocks your trashcan with their car, it won’t get picked up, like it didn’t last week. So I’m up to my rosy red asshole in trash until Thursday.
On the other hand, sometimes there are issues with large objects that you need to get rid of — like shelving or, as was the case this weekend, a 19″ computer monitor.

All ya gotta do is just sit it on the curb and it will magically disappear over nite. Well, it actually took two nites, but that’s probably because it rained the first nite. LOL. So someone really scored with my broken, wet 19″ monitor. LOL (At least there was the cord, I suppose they could still use that. LOL)