My boss comes in today and asks me and my coworker/cohort in crime to come with her. So I’m totally thinking we’re in trouble cuz they told us to quit using IM here at work, but we still do. (Not that I’m paranoid …) Anyway — so she’s laughing and we’re like uhh. And she says I just wanted to thank you guys for the help you gave me in setting up my website, so I got you a present.
It’s a Tom Jones cd, people. Tom Jones’ Greatest Hits even. How fabulous is that? Alex and I had been discussing Tom Jones before Thanksgiving and my boss had come in on us and we explained that he’s so gross and plastic, that he’s fabulous. And now we have our very own Tom Jones cd. ROFLMAO. Seriously amazing. I mean, What’s New Pussycat — Sexbomb? ROFLMAO!!
Geez. Good time in the office. You should see me dance.