Well, I participated in my first election today. I’ve never voted before — never been politically-minded (my family was never really politically-minded either). But after witnessing the damaging effects of Hurrican Bush on our economy, I thought I needed to do my part in the rebuilding of America.
So, I stood outside in the early-voting line this morning for 45 minutes and placed my vote. As I arrived, there was a line of people outside the building (beside the voting line) and they were handing out flyers and such for candiates — all of whom were republican (not that’s a bad thing). Terrible Tom was one of them, as was George Bush. The first one that was handed to me was the George Bush, and I stopped, turned around and laughed and said “LOL, no. I don’t want that,” and I gave it back to him. I declined the remaining handouts. The building I stood next too had a concrete ledge around it at shoulder height. People had been placing their unwanted flyers on there. As I stood in line, the woman behind me was collecting the George Bush flyers, crumpling them up, and throwing them on the ground to be trod upon by all. I glanced at her and laughed in appreciation and she said “That’s where they belong.”
I think it’s funny how passionate people can get about this. Such hate — such devotion. It’s really amazing to me.
I hope everyone goes out and votes — be it for Kerry or Bush — just vote. Of course, I’d hope you’d vote for anyone other than Bush — but vote nonetheless.