what a nice weekend! the weather was absolutley amazing. Very comfortable temperature, hovering around 79. i took the day off friday to catch up on some projects and be with matt. My mom calls me around 11am and tells me my mac mini has arrived.
the day stopped there.
I ran over and picked it up and played with it all day, hooking up my router so my pc and mac can share a connection and share mp3s. Prolly fidgeted with hardware way more than I should have … but it’s done. For now. I think I’m going to find another monitor tho, because I HATE not having two monitors for my pc now. 🙁
So I love the mac mini — but I will save that for another post. 🙂
Friday began again when Matt shows up, kisses me hello and gives me these:

He also gave me a little stuffed lion named Kitty (that’s what we call my cat). No one has ever given me flowers before … and I think he did a smashing job on picking them out! Wow, I was just stunned and amazed. My original plan was to surprise him with dinner that nite — and it turned out well, except for the steamed green beans. They were like little bricks. LOL! But I don’t take the blame 100% on those … when I was picking out the “fresh” green beans, I was like “these beans look fucked up. They’re so rough and dry …” I finally asked another woman there “do these look right to you?” And she picked one up and was like “uh, no. why are they all bumpy?” So I’m going to blame it on them. Pride mandates.
Then we parked our asses on the couch and watched this most HILARIOUS movie “Girls Will Be Girls.” Holy shit, we laughed so hard. Then we watched “Die, Mommie, Die!” but I fell asleep in his lap while he finished watching it. That movie was no where near as funny as Girls Will Be Girls, but it’s still good.
The weekend went out, ending on Sunday with the AIDS Walk. Together, Matt and I raised over $700 in donations. (More than half of that was him … but I did ok too.) It was nice being out in the park with Matt. My friend JB, Matt’s sister (Jennifer), and her husband were with us. We did the 5k walk hand in hand and laughing at this, that, and the other (and that old woman by us who had on more makeup than a circus clown). I’m rather sore … pulled a little muscle. But it was a really nice afternoon all together. Then matt and I went home and took a nap.
Altogether, another great weekend with Matt. Very happy that I met him. As if the grin on my face didn’t say that already. 🙂