I’ve been having bizarre dreams lately – either really vivid, or really bizarre. Like, a couple of days ago I had this dream where I was in the ER again (wait, did I blog this? I have no memory.) Anyway, I was in the ER for kidney stones, hurting something fierce. These two nurses come in to give me an IV, but they give me two — one in each hand — and not like normal IVs. They do it crucifixion style, where they just jabbed it vertically into my hand. And let me tell you — that hurt like nuthin else.
So then they’re all we need x-rays. So I’m wheeled off to have an x-ray and they tell me i have a TWO INCH stone in my right ureter. I woke up right after that, thankfully. Glad we didn’t get to the removal process, I might never have woken up.
Anyway — last night’s dream was equally as weird. I was in this big house/mansion thing that had a TGIFridays or some restaurant in it. It was me, Matt, Michael-gurl, Patrick, Brad, and that blonde guy from Dude, Where’s My Car (not Ashton). Jennifer Aniston was in it too. But she was wandering around outside the mansion trying to evade Zombies that kept coming up out of the ground. There were dogs chasing her too. At one point, they ripped off her foot and ankle, and there was a lot of screaming and blood, but we just kind’a laughed and went back inside. (What does this say?)
So we’re in the house and wandering around — there are all these deadly puzzles and mazes and traps. We’re all huddled together moving slowly down a hall. We come to an intersection, and down one hall are all these moving platforms, and the floor has all these numbers in red and black squares — kind’a like a roulette or craps table. So the blonde guy heads down that hall, despite our yelling, and he goes and jumps on one of the platforms which then heads up to the ceiling. Next thing we know, his head is lobbed off and rolls down some chute next to us. We were like ‘Yah, he was dumb.’
I woke up shortly after that. BUT I did, at least, wake up early and feeling rested. I’ve now worked almost 2 hours over this week. So that means I can take off early tomorrow and go see Matt. 🙂