I’ve had a rough weekend. The latest stone which has made its home in my left ureter is 6-7mm and has kept me in constant pain for the past 3 days. Toradol and Demoral have been constant sources of consolation, though has also left me in a nasty drug haze. (Now I know how Bush must feel.)
I’m going to the Urologist today at 2:30. Primary objective here is to discuss the existing stone (of course), but to also find out why i’ve passed 6 in the last 6 months. (Well, one required surgery.) Second objective is discuss this possible condition I may have called Amelogenesis Imperfecta Nephrocalcinosis (or Enamel Renal Syndrome for those who don’t speak Spanish). Basically, that means that 1.) my body has some fucked up metabolic process for digesting (or not digesting) calcium; 2.) my teeth stain easily; 3.) my teeth eventually go *mush*; 4.) Renal disease is a common factor — I dunno much about it, but the doctor at the ER says my creatin levels are up which is a sign of kidney damage. I did a google search on Renal Disease and it came up with this:

Kidney damage goes unnoticed in the early stages, as there are no alarming symptoms. Early stages of kidney disease are manageable. Unfortunately, in most cases, the problem comes to light only when the kidney functions have dropped to such a level that the patient requires drastic measures like dialysis or transplantation.

Looks like I have a lot to talk about with my doctor today. *sigh* .