I am a winter boy. I like the cold. I like the snow. I like the mountains. Not to mention a good mug of hot chocolate (with a splash of peppermine schnapps or Bailey’s) and a fire and an overstuffed red couch.
But. I DETEST summer. If I wanted to sweat, I’d move closer to the Equator or do manual labor. I do NOT like walking outside and being instantly moist. I am not a snack-cake, contrary to popular belief. I may have a cream-filled center (wow, that was graphic), but I am not squishy and vanilla-flavored.
However, there is one aspect of summer that i love that ALMOST makes it bearable. And that would be the massive, black-clouded thunderstorms we get. I mean, it sucks to drive in — but sitting inside somewhere comfortable — dry — while it thunders and lightnings and pours down for hours and hours — is just nice. — Until the lights go out, the A/C turns off, and the heat and humidity creep in. Then God’s an asshole. But until then, thunderstorms are awesome.
And I was miserable in June because we had record heat and it rained .01″ the entire month. This month, however, it’s rained huge storms every day for the past week. I love to wake up in the morning to rain, particularly on the weekends. Love to cook when it rains. And I love to dance naked in the rain, jumping in the puddles so my ittybits bounce around.
Just kidding about that part, mom.
Anyway, it’s supposed to rain for the rest of the week, and I’m way excited.