What in bloody hell!?

A U.S. Senate candidate who said recently that homosexuals should not be teaching in South Carolina’s public schools has added another group to his list of poor role models for children — pregnant women with live-in boyfriends.

I mean, ok — I can understand not letting fags teach in school, they corrupt like no one else. But going against a single-pregant woman who lives with a boyfriend … that’s just absurd. Maybe she has to teach to support her sex addiction and ended up getting pregnant — I see no reason why I shouldn’t have her teaching my 8 year son. Or maybe she cheated on her husband with the school principle and got pregnant, thus causing a divorce between her and her husband — still, what reason to forbid her a job as a teacher?
OHHhh puh-lease, you fuckwad senator. What the hell is your problem!? How the hell did a bigot such as yourself get in office — whom did you sleep with? What is your qualm with your fellow americans that would limit the amount of people willing to teach our young Americans. If your qualm is homosexuality, try targeting the media, not the public school systems.
Geez. Where is good ol’ Darwin when you need him?