A continuation of Friendster… as i mentioned last week, I was supposed to have a date on Friday with this guy (Matt) I met on Friendster. Initially, the plan was for dinner and a movie. Sounded delovely.
But alas things changed …
Thursday night’s conversation with him ended up with plans to meet for lunch in Galveston on Friday. Then it would be on to dinner/movie after I got off work. Well — as we were leaving Mosquito Cafe, my step-dad Eric called and said he had 4 tickets to Les Mis, and wondered if I would like to go. Upon discussion with Matt, we decided to take the tickets and ditch the movie. So Matt and I hooked up after I got off work — around 5 or so, and we chilled, talked for a while, and watched two episodes of Strangers with Candy — which were HILARIOUS!!

(On a side note, we watched the episode where Jerri doesn’t know how to read — and there were points in the rest of the date where we’d be all “You’re so illiterate, I bet you can’t even hear me, you ILLITERATE!” — I’m sure you had to be there, but it was truly amusing. That and the sign they were holding up in the back that said “Stupid Bich” LOL We were laughing about that for a while.)

Anyway, so we decided to skip dinner cuz we were both rather full from lunch still — and headed out to pick up Rachel and head to the Hobby Center. We were, of course, running slightly late — and we were meeting my good friend JB (fellow theatre fag) at the theatre. But we weren’r running late enough to not stop and buy some Girl Scout Cookies. (Damn, those Do-Si-Dos are crack!)
We made it to the theatre with literally 2 minutes to spare before they closed the doors for seating. Matt and JB had never seen Les Mis before — so it was pretty exciting. (Show-wise, the talent was very good. Except for Fantine. I couldn’t wait for her to die.) The best part of the show was when Matt grabbed my hand and wrapped his other arm around my arm and just sorta curled up next to me while we watched. Made the show even more enjoyable.
After the show, we decided to go for cocktails at Keys West, this gaudy gay piano bar. We were the youngest there by probably 10 years and it was so much fun!! Rachel was the only “girl” there — tho there was a couple of drag queens. Drinks were quite stiff, and we ended up staying for 2 hours, singing along with the piano guy as he did rather odd piano arrangements of show tunes and classic tunes (he played “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge, which was one of the most fucked up versions I’ve ever heard). JB and Rachel are so much fun to go out with. I don’t go out with Rachel very often, but I always have so much fun when we do. JB is a hoot! Just makes me laugh forever. Matt thoroughly enjoyed both of them.
We drove home around 1:30am and dropped Rachel off, and we said our goodnights (which go undocumented here). But let’s just say that it was the cherry on top of for the evening.
And thus ended the “official” date of Michael and Matt.
However, the “unofficial” date continued on Saturday. We met up for lunch at Chabuca’s in Clear Lake and had a very lovely meal (I had sirloin parmigian – and damn, it was good!) We had fun talk and was just very enjoyable. It was crowded, wasn’t loud — and we just had a good time being able to sit and talk about things, get to know each other. Then we ran out to my mom’s house since we were close to pick up more Girl Scout cookies (god, i’m a cookie whore) and to thank Eric again for the Les Mes tix. We stayed and chatted for 30 min or so and headed back out to my place. The weather SUCKED ASS. All it did was rain like the whole day. And it was cold and yuk.
We got back to my place and had some time to kill before the surprise party for Kelly. Matt had agreed to be my date for evening. We had about 3 hours to kill tho … so Matt looked through my movies and picked out Drop Dead Gorgeous (cuz he’d never seen it). (The whole night, i was going “Oh crep! Oh mie gahd! oh crep!”) We just curled up on the couch and laughed and laughed and laughed. (Tondue, close! Tondue close!)
Then came the party. This was a surprise party for my friend Kelly (of New Year’s Eve fame) and it was a lot of the people from the New Year’s Even shindig. What fun we had! We had a lot of drinks and laughed and laughed. I found that several people there read my blog fairly regularly and were quite aware of “Harrrrrr!” My, how I laughed at the number of people who were saying throughout the night.
Matt and I received quite a few comments from people saying “awwww, you two are so cute together!” I don’t mind hearing things like that. We left the party when the hot tub turned on and naked people appeared in the water. 😉
We drove back to my place and chatted for a while, putting a nice touch to a fantastic weekend. We discussed his work schedule and when I might be able to see him again.
Turns out that “again” was today (Sunday) for lunch. 🙂 We met for Mexican food at this god awful nasty place by me called Tequila Bloom. People. Don’t eat there. It was yuk. But good just to spend time with him. I think the best part of lunch with this VERY TACKY Christian karaoke that was going on. But it was weird — it was only one song. And the woman was REALLY bad. But we talked about the weekend, how much we both enjoyed ourselves — and when we’ll be seeing each other again.
And that will be next weekend.
People, i don’t think you could get the grin off my face with a vat of acid. Matt is so nice. Such a gentleman. So quiet and reserved — but funny as hell. He’s an RN, smart as can be, has a mind trudged through the gutter like mine. And who can beat that? 🙂