I read an interesting article today on CNN about some lost biblical texts that have been found and carbon-dated and appear to be authentic. The text appears to be the lost gospel of Judas Iscariot, the apostle that betrayed Christ and now receives so much shit from all Christian denominations as being closely affiliated with Satan, being a son of perdition, etc.
I would be very interested in reading this gospel. Apparently it says that Jesus asked Judas to betray him — which, of course, is vastly different from what the other gospels preach. It really is a shame that politics and religion are so tightly intertwined that truth is obscured because of power-play.

I’ve always had an issue with the role of Judas in Christianity. I started asking questions when I was in high school that made me rather unpopular with the leadership of the local church. This was greatly spurned by the musical Jesus Christ Superstar which provides a look at the story of Christ through Judas’ eyes.

My point was that SOMEONE had to betray Christ. And sure, while Christ was applauded and highly recognized for his sacrifice, Judas also made a sacrifice and is now shat upon. The psychological torture this must have had on Judas … I mean, he eventually hung himself. And in Christian dogma, that act alone would prevent him from entering the Celestial Kingdom. But I don’t think his betrayl of Christ was as morose and foreboding as it was made out to be.
But then again, there are so many discrepencies in the Bible and in religion in general that I think it will be amazing if any of us end up in the Celestial Kingdom. Of course, most of us do our best by what we feel is right — which hopefully will hold some water when it comes time for Judgement — if there is a judgement.