I trust everyone had a glorious valentine’s day — one for the books. Mine was spent drinking a LOT of tea and laying in bed — oh and sneezing a lot. Even if I had had a special someone to share it with, I probably would have opted for being alone simply due to the contagion factor.
I swear that girl at UTMB is going down. I don’t understand why people who are THAT sick go out in public. I mean, look at me! I am polite and stayed home. In fact, I may even be staying home tomorrow as well, we’ll have to see how well I sleep tonite. Cuz as of right now, I feel like hell.
I sneeze like every 15 minutes and when I do, my eyes water — and they already feel all swollen and shit. I don’t think I’ve had a cold this bad in a LONG time.
Prolly best that Cupid stayed away today. Oh — I made a VD compilation a week ago to try to get me in the mood. Turns out it was pretty damn depressing. In fact, it seems like a lot of the songs have something to do with any given ex. That wasn’t my intention — but i guess it makes sense. LOL. But here is the list. If you’d like the mp3s, just drop me a line and we’ll figure something out.

1. All is Full of Love — Bjork
2. The Origin of Love — Rufus Wainwright
3. So Damned Cute — Clay Barker
4. 1000 Oceans — Tori Amos
5. Kissing You — Des’ree (Romeo + Juliette)
6. Somethin’ Stupid — Robbie Williams/Nicole Kidman
7. Gorecki — Lamb
8. John, 2-15 — Shivaree
9. Crush — Jennifer Paige
10. Your Song — Ewan McGregor
11. Elaborate Lives — Aida (the musical)
12. He’s Got a Way — Bernadette Peters
13. You Move Me — Susan Ashton
14. The Man I Love — Alison Moyet
15. Come What May — Ewen McGregor/Nicole Kidman
16. Sonnet 29 — Rufus Wainwright
17. The Kiss — Hooverphonic
18. Rock Me Gently — Clay Barker
19. The Very Thought Of You — Nat King Cole