So I’m skipping some time between entries … nothing new, I suppose. I’d like to say that I’ve been too busy to blog, but that would be a lie, and I’m much to innocent to ever lie … Truth is, I’ve just not had anything exciting to write about. But it’s new year’s and I needed to post, if only to mark the occasion.

2005 … an up and down year. More kidney stones passed — tho thankfully, no surgery this year. THAT is a blessing in and of itself. Let’s see if I can remember some stuff that happened …

I started the year working at UTMB in Galveston, and come February I met a guy (Matt) who lived in Beaumont. We dated for a few months, and it was actually a pretty good thing. I really enjoyed his company and he bought me flowers … but, be it the distance, his lack of experience in relationships, or general immaturity — he became quite disenchanted with things and we broke up a few days after his birthday in June (I think). And things didn’t end so well — well, at least he must have thought so because he won’t talk to me at all now. I think it has something to do with the fact that I told him that all my friends thought his sister was a bitch at his birthday party (which I through for him). Oh well … not a big deal, and while I was sorta upset when I saw the decline in things, I didn’t shed a tear when it ended. (Well had probably dried up, I guess.)

Come April, I started working for Continental, thanks to David and his help in getting an interview. I’m still there and pretty much enjoy what I do. The politics are ridiculous and frustrating, so I just do what I’m told and hope things will improve.

Because of my flight benefits, Matt and I went to visit Adam for his house warming party. We bought him some rather lovely wine glasses and had a pretty good time meeting Adam and D and the rest of Adam’s friends. Way cute house, too. He even has a dungeon.

About halfway through the year, University of Phoenix started pulling shit, increasing tuition rates (again) — but gave me the option to freeze my rate if I agreed to remove the one week break between my classes. I think that was in May. Graduation date wasn’t set until mid-January … that’s a lot of class with no breaks. But I agreed, and have persevered. Annnddd … I have TWO days left of school until I graduate. What a blessing that is, and I’m SO happy to have a degree finally and be done with mess.

Let’s see … in October, David and I went to the Macromedia MAX 2005 Conference in Anaheim, California. I went a day early and stayed with Joz and Yoshi (who were absolutely fabulous). David met us the day after and we did some shopping and had lunch. The conference was ok — focused a lot of stuff we didn’t need, and was pretty basic in other areas. But I guess you have to try to meet all audiences. Still it was fun, and I got way sick and was shitting like every hour. Made for a MISERABLE day. And then I drank waayyyyy to much and … well… who needs details. (Let’s just say that me and the hotel toilet became very well acquainted.)

November came around, and Thanksgiving came out of no where. My darling doll of a friend, Wanda, joined me this year for Thanksgiving with my family. My father told me I should marry her because she’s “real pretty, and personable.” Go dad. I also proceeded to confuse my extended family on my mom’s side who apparently “thought I was gay for all these years.” So Wanda is now my fiancee and we laugh about it all the time. I’ve actually made quite a good friend in Wanda, and we do stuff several times a week. She’s kept my holidays pretty fun, so I’m glad we became friends.

December .. my birthday came around, Christmas. Had major anxiety for some reason, and … well … it was just a pretty rough fuckin’ time, and I’ll leave it at that. David put together a dinner for me at the Red Onion, bless him, and then we ajourned to Guava for drinks. Got pretty drunk (again) – but had a great time. Christmas was with the fam, as usual. Was a relaxed time and my grandmother talked to me about yeast infections.

And that leads us to New Years. I’m making dinner for Wanda and myself, which I’ve been preparing most of today. Cheesecake’s in the oven as I type this. I’m about to go start the bread. It should be fabulous. 🙂

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic and safe new year. I know 2006 is going to be a better year. I demand it, actually. I’ve made several goals for 2006 already (no resolutions … resolutions never make it — goals do) and I am excited to see what the year brings.