I’ve never been really big on Father’s Day. I’m not a big family guy, and I’m not close to my father. In fact, prior to today, the last time I saw my dad was at Christmas. Maybe that makes me a bad son — I dont know.
But I went to visit the fam. It was nice, I guess. Uneventful — except that we watched the DVD my aunt made for my grandfather’s 80th birthday. It was pretty well done. It was basically a slideshow with music on the DVD. I was surprised. It actually made me kind’a sad. It had pictures of my family since my grandfather was a young man in the military.
But it showed pictures of my grandmother (before she died) and of my aunt (before she died too) — and pictures of their funerals… and it made me sad. I really liked both of them — and I miss them. It had pictures there of me as a baby with my aunt and grandmother … as well as pictures of my dad and uncles when they were kids. It was really … family. Not all the political bullshit I deal with my immediate family. But it was a group of people who care abot each other and help the others succeed. Well, at least that’s what it looked like. (I know otherwise.)
Still. It’s amazing to see my grandfather as this attractive young man, progressing through manhood, to this slumpish gray man he is now. He can’t see well, can’t hear hardly at all. Shakes more than anything, and walks slower and slower. Kind’a sad. I need to try to get up there and see him. Maybe in July if I can afford it.