For some reason, this weekend has gone by really slow. I’m not complaining about that by any means. It’s hot a hell outside and I really no desire to be in it. I mean, people seem to think it’s ok to spontaneously break out in sweat, but to break out in song … you’re fucked up.
So — I indulged myself a little this weekend and bought some hardware that allows me to hook my piano up to my mac and record stuff via GarageBand. I’m still learning — and for some reason, everything records mostly mono — Monstly meaning the left channel is super-quiet, tho it is there. So after some crafty fidgeting, i took the mp3 into another app, removed the left channel, and replaced the left with a duplicate of the right.
I did this last nite at 2:30 am. So — here is my first song — with one take —

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Look, I did one more — this isn’t perfect. First try on this one.
La Dispute (from Amelie)