I had one of the most enjoyable evenings in years last nite. My darling of a friend, David, invited me to go see Hairspray last nite at the Hobby Center with two of his co-workers. No amount of words can do justice to the fun I had.
Firstly — before the show, we went to this very empty gay bar, Keys West. Very cute inside, and being empty was even better, cuz we could talk and sing and laugh to hearts content without having to compete with others. So I met Steve and JB — who are absolutely amazing. The whole night was full of drinking and “oh girl” this and “oh girl” that. Brilliant.
The show was spectacular. Not a weak voice (well, except maybe a little of Miss Baltimore Crabs — but they used her weak upper register to her advantage and it made it sound purposely bad and desparate. — but i don’t think it was 100% purpose.) Tracy Turnblad was awesome. Shit — everyone was awesome. And the boy who played Link Larkin was just yummy as shit (check him here). (See, this is why you don’t publish your website on your profile — cuz you know every little gay boy in Houston rushed home and typed that in — much as I did.) (Well — ok, i waited till the next morning but still … you get my point.)
After Hairspray, we sang Cher. In the car. Loudly. “Do you believe in life after love?” ROFL — was a hoot. And then we proceeded to drink even more … and more … and more. I finally got home a little past 2 — stumbled to my bedroom, stripped off my stinky smokey clothes, and just fell on to my bed naked. I know I got up at some point to go pee, but I don’t remember — but trust me, I know it happened. LOL.
Anyway — now I have two new friends who are fabulous in every sense of the word — and I saw a great show. And I even got hit on by some guy named Ed. ROFL! Fun times, my friend — fun times.