I have not felt much like venturing out today in pursuit of nurishment. (I’ve been holed away in my cubicle tapping my head to defeat the craving for food — but alas, it did not work. I do have a slight headache tho. Perhaps my craving was not specific enough. Or perhaps it wasn’t so much as a craving as it was my body telling me I’m starving to death.)
Anyway, I saunter down to the little “cafeteria” thing on the first floor which is void of all human but 3 black women and 2 black men — and me, a gay white boy. I order my little pasta bar thing and am waiting patiently while the man cooks it (read: re-warms). The 3 black girls get into this conversaton where they’re calling each other “gigalo.”
Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but a gigalo is typically used in reference to a man, no? More specifically a “playa.” So is this sorta like when fags go “Oh girl, you did NOT!”?
I was bemused and befuddled such a cultural complexity. Please, can come help me understand?