My friend, Rachel, informed me that her friend James (who is working in Florida right now) is actually working with a long-lost friend of mine from highschool. Adam was in the pit band with me — played the bassoon — for the really bad high school musical. I know we were together for South Pacific – cuz we used to make fun of this fat girl who would do this hip-bounce right in front of us during the song Honey Bun. (ROFL — we were SO wrong then. Although, I’m not certain I would do something different were I in the same position.)
We used to have fun together. He was kind’a dorky, I was kind’a dorky — and kind’a gay. I think he thinks I “dumped” him for some other friends at another school, but it really turns out that I had a boyfriend at another school. And then I graduated … and we lost touch. I haven’t heard from him since I was a senior. I hear he’s married now (for a year and a half.) To a girl. (He’s not gay.)
So maybe I’ll hear from him now. Would be nice to catch up. 🙂 (Hi, Adam! — email me, yo!)