UGH. I HATE BEING SICK!!! That girl at UTMB that got me sick is going to PAYYY! I have been in bed all day. I’m running fever. My nose feels like rush hour at 45 and 59 — stopped up from Hell to Maine. And what’s worse, is now — when i swallow — my ear squeaks. Who’s ear squeaks!? Mine does. How fucked up is that!?
So I’m having problems getting back to sleep because I can’t breath and I keep sneezing. So I lay there, thinking about stuff. And I started thinking about “fond” memories.
I remember when i was 13 years old — on August 11, actually. My father finally got the balls enough to tell my bitch of a step-mother he was leaving and wanting a divorce. God I remember that day so well. It was seriously one of the happiest days of my life. I remember sitting on the brow reclining sofa — in the middle part that didn’t recline — and watching the whole event unfold. They were standing under this brown ceiling fan that was humming slightly, and all the lights were off, but there was this weird light effect because of the sky light in the middle of the room. Jeannette was crying a lot, saying “please don’t leave, please don’t leave.” And I just sat there on the couch watching, wishing things would hurry up cuz i wanted to get out of there.
I know it was really hard for my dad. I remember he cried in the truck on the way out of there. But the woman was a total bitch. I can’t even begin to tell you the nasty things she did. Let’s just sum it all up by saying that she burnt everything she cooked. Oh, and she made us eat green beans every fuckin’ night. Disgusting.
But, I know that shouldn’t be a fond memory. But it really was the beginning of a much better time for me. She was an abusive woman — used to give me Dexatrim as a child (when i was like 6 or 7). Who does that!? I wasn’t even a fat child. (Stupid bitch, i hate her.)
I haven’t seen her since that day. I heard she remarried — but I’ve never inquired more about here or where she is. I have driven by the old house a few times before. No one I know lives there now — and all my childhood friends have families of their own now, I imagine. Crazy to think that that was 15 years ago. Crazy to think that one of my fondest memories is such a negative memory for others.
Anyway, can you tell I’m on a gazillion drugs? I think I’m going to go lay down again. Try to sleep.