My first day at Continental. I woke up this morning feeling very tired, unrested. I woke up, showered, and got eady to go to work. I had picked up my clothes from the cleaners the day before so I could wear some fancy fresh clothes on my first day. I go to put on my pants, pull them apart (from the starch), and there’s a spot the size of a nickel on my ass. 🙁 No idea what it is — looks like gum. So that threw my morning off. Driving in, the construction on 610 changed YET AGAIN and I totally missed the 45 North exit — took 45 South instead — which meant I had to circle around — which put me right in the middle of traffic and tacked on an extra 15 minutes to my drive.
I get here, do my paper work, and make the rounds with my boss — meeting smiling face after smiling face. Welcome. Welcome. Nice to meet you. Newbie, huh? /shake hands. /shake hands. /shake hands.
Thankfully, David is here to keep me sane and show me around. I have no computer yet — well sorta. I have one (i’m on it now), but I have no *real* cube yet. LOL. So I’m homeless for the time being (prolly till Friday or Monday).
I KNOW I made the right choice in leaving UTMB. I would have died there working on that goddamned Geriatric website. No regrets at all.
And you know what rocks? I found out that as a Continental Employee — I get a 25% discount on my Sprint bill. YES! That is SOOO awesome. (That, in and of itself, almost makes the job change so worth it.)
And now, only 2.5 more hours to go of sitting here and trying to look busy.
Glad to be back with David. 🙂