I hate todays like today. I feel like I’m running at 90mph, but still 5 feet behind where I should be. I, apparently, forget to set my alarm last nite — which is something I never forget to do — and did not wake up until 9:08 when my mother called me. Of course, I’m supposed to be at work in Galveston at 9 (which is a 45 minute drive). So I started the day off late.
Then … I get an e-mail from one of Genevieve’s site visitors saying that he can’t access the galleries. I look — and sure enough — PHP errors galore saying it can’t connect to the mySQL database. Turns out — thanks to her appearance on the Howard Stern show yesterday — her site got SWAMPED with traffic. I mean close to 30,000 unique visitors. — and 13,000 so far today (and it’s only noon). So I had to put out that fire. (If you want to go to the site — like i need to encourage the traffic at this point — www.genevieveg.com — I designed it, for those who don’t know.)
And now there’s 50 gazillion students at UTMB having PDA problems all of a sudden — and what a NIGHTMARE that is. So I’ve been trying to reach tech support with the software company to resolve these issues, but no one answers (bitches! all of them!)
And I need to eat something, but don’t know what to get. I hate the limited lunch cuisine on the Island. I can only eat Subway often. And like hell if i’m going to have McDonalds or something nasty — and I had Taco Hell last nite for dinner (big mistake there). So I wil have to venture into the mighty forest of Galveston and forage for food stuffs, hoping to find something that doesn’t make me feel like I need to take a shower after eating it.
Anyway — took a quick pic today. Happy foto friday.