I’ve been at my apartment complex now for over 3 years — overall, it hasn’t been that bad. Neighbors have come and gone — in fact, none of my neighbors are the original neighbors I had when I moved in. However, as of late, the quality of people has lessened significantly. This is no surprise to me considering the management company has run this complex into the ground. When I spoke to the management about 4 months ago about possibly breaking my lease, they old me their was no way I could get out of it without having to pay full market value for the remainder amount of months I had in my lease (which came out to like almost $6000.) She also informed me that the complex was currently more than 50% vacant, that there has been an increase in drug trafficking (as I witnessed with my old neighbor), graffiti had increased, and damaged property has also increased. — I honestly think she was trying to get me to break my lease, simply because they could have gotten more money out of me. The lady was a total bitch.
I stuck it out, tho I can’t wait to get out of here. I walked out ot my car three days ago, and there was a BAG OF TRASH just sitting there in the parking lot against the curb. A bag of trash, people. That’s classy. The fuckin’ dumpster is only 20 yards away. Good lord. And what’s worse … it sat there until yesterday morning when the lawn people came out. Granted, I could have taken it myself — but LIKE HELL if I am going to touch someone elses’ trash.
Anyway — it seems that almost every nite now, there is some commotion outside. Two nights ago, a bunch of teenagers were having it out with a cop down by the pool. And last nite, there were all these sirens outside my apartment at like 9 or 10pm. I was like WTF!? So i look out the window, and the apartment building on the other side of the parking lot is on fire. And not just little fire — but like high-flamin’ tiki torch fire. So I watched as progressively more and more fire trucks (9 in total) show up to battle the fire. Cops, ambulances, firemen (some who were WAY hot) were runnin around everywhere. The smoke was super thick, and it was seriously amazing to see this fire. Eventually a helecopter came to assist with the fire.
Now, I wonder what caused the fire. It hasn’t been on the news … but the building is just gutted. I’m guess that was probably 4-6 apartments. Gutted as in, I can see through it. I took some pictures with my phone, but there were so many glaring lights, that it’s just a big mess of glare. So you can’t really see it — but I’ll post them anyway.
I really can’t wait to get out of here this place. What a mess.