Matt and I went to David’s birthday on Sunday in Galveston. This is why I am a walking crisp. We had a great time, of course.
Mind you, we didn’t think to bring swim suits to the beach … (I don’t even own a swim suit) … and while everyone got in the water, Matt and I just sorta stared and watched the quasi-naked bodies bobbing in the waves. So I was like “fuck it.” And took my pants off and went swimming in my (very cute) square cut boxer briefs. Matt followed suit — and we were off into the waves.
While we were out dodging the seaweed and jumping fish, we started talking and realized we had an acquaintance in common. Joel was a boy I sorta kind’a dated about 4 years ago. He had a lot of issues at the time and lived about an hour away from me — (what it is with me and boys who live far away, i’ll never know). Anyway, we didn’t end on such a good note because of his issues — and when he got his 3rd DWI, I called it a nite.
Matt told me he went to Joel’s funeral last year. I was like “woah, what?” Turns out that Joel had colon cancer. He was a year younger than me. Freaked me the fuck out. Very sad.
Hmm. Well, on that somber note … bah. scary shit. Always important to get your shit checked.