I was talking with Rachel today about love, and life, and men, and sex-ed. I’ve been kind’a down the past few days, phyisically and emotionally. I think it’s cuz I had the surgery a week ago and I have an infection of some sort (among other things) — so I haven’t been 100%.
So Rachel and I were chatting and she says:

Rachel: you need an aggieboy-type
Rachel: except one who’s a little less lusty
Michael: i think what i need is not to need
Rachel: how very Zen

As of late I just can’t even imagine myself in a relationship. That’s not to say that I’m opposed to having one … just people have been on my nerves lately, and quite frankly, I just can’t be bothered.
We went on to talk a little of how we grew up, both with divorced parents at a young age, and how it affected the way we viewed things. I have this rather “romanitic” view of it (as is summed up with the domain of this site — “i dream you’re with me, you hold me sweetly, and rock me gently to sleep.” Used to be ideal. Now it’s just kind’a bullshit. LOL
Rachel has this view of idealism … that what she has now is perfectly fine. That relationships are best made in friends. And I think I have to agree. I’d honestly rather live the rest of my life with a friend than spend the next 9 months with someone I come to know and love, only to have them go away and be with someone else, rinse, repeat.