Well. What a day it’s been! Starting off the day by waking up with Matt sent me off with a smile. Great way to start, if you ask me. But, I was also offered a position at Continental Airlines today as Senior Analyst of Interactive Marketing. Something I’ve been hoping and praying for since January.
I’m kind’a torn … I feel sad to leave UTMB … I’ve enjoyed the people and some of the projects (definitely not all, but some), working with the students, and helping teach concepts in the lab. Made some great friends here … and I know i’ve now pissed some people off by leaving. But the opportunity with Continental is one that I just can’t pass up. PLUS — I’ll be working with my bestfriend David — like we did at Mongoose — and my god, how happy that makes me!
I feel so blessed as of late. I mean, geez — things at the beginning of the year were going horribly — kidney stone after kidney stone … and then I met Matt … which is wonderful … and now this — a great job working with my best friend. I’m very thankful.
Very very thankful.