I read an article today that documented the suggestion of creating a muslim-only line at airports.

I read (sorta — more like skimmed) another article that discusses how much the Constitution and Bill of Rights is largely disregarded in our culture, despite the fact that it has been a document of governance for several centuries which provided the US with a foundation for prosperity and growth. And once people start chipping away at the laws, reading between the lines, and being selective what laws apply to whom … it’s no wonder that there is such discord among US citizens, not to mention the international community.

So I was thinking — being that I’m a gay male, almost 30 — that I’m really not very happy with the way the world is progressing — and I definitely don’t see the United States helping make matters better. I’m sure, as a whole, many people think it’s doing its best. After all, individuals can easily fall through the crack when some a scattered and divided governing body is left to organize relief, education efforts, and social reform. I understand that a form of government is necessary or there would be total chaos — but if you look at it … aren’t we already in a lot of chaos (perhaps not locally — but on a national and international level)? But as I mentioned earlier, there are basic things that the government is ignoring (perhaps just turning a blind eye) that could set the future of the country on the right foot. Working to provide better education systems with teachers are compensated for the responsibility they hold.

Reworking the national insurance system to provide health care coverage at affordable rates for all social classes while negating a majority of the malicious malpractice suits. Evaluating the collegiate education system to reduce the cost of education; if the poor are going to climb out of the gutter, they need a strong educational foundation to use as a ladder.

Recognizing the gay, lesbian, transgender community as basic human, social class with the constitutional rights to marry and love any given partner, male or female. Constructing not a federal emergency system, but a state-wide, perhaps even local emergency system that can provide the welfare that is needed to citizens that can include employment, reinstated education, immediate housing, and health services. Focus on the industrialization of alternative energy sources to lessen national dependency on foreign oil and gas. Unite the national government and its state representatives to focus on resolving problems, not mudslinging and trying to manipulate the law-making process for financial gain or political favors.

I could go on for days.

I understand that these things are much easier written than implemented, and most likely are simply a pipe dream. But what if? How many people would it take to implement such a society? And I understand that as long as there are extremist organizations out there (religious, terrorists, activists, etc.) that complete equality will never truly be gained. There is no pill or psychological recuperation for extremism except complete separation from the cause.

But again, I wonder where we are headed — not only as Americans, but as human beings. Will we see resolution with these wars in the Middle East? What about the significant damage done to our country by George Bush? Is there a national band-aid or healing salve that can close wounds and keep out infection? I pray there is. And I pray it is found very soon.