So I read this article today about some Christian group that unfurled a banner at a Phillies Baseball game that said “Homosexuality is a sin, Christ can set you free.”
Firstly — it was gay day. (Would you want to be anti-gay in a stadium full of lesbians? I think not. It’s like Home Depot Convention. They’ll try to remodel your house while you’re not looking.)
Secondly — Why is that they treat gay people as objects and not people? Real Christian. Tell Jesus hi for me, give him my regards as his bunt kicks you to Hell, hypocrites.
There were EXCELLENT lines from this article:

When questioned as to why the police officers did not intervene, an officer stated, “We don’t care. We’re just here for the overtime.”

“The homosexual agenda is now being thrown in the faces of America’s children in a public arena, while these officials permit lewd acts and riotous behavior, as they silence the Christians,” he concluded.

Hey anyone, wanna compare agendas? Maybe if we team up, we can conquer America’s youth quicker. God knows we need a few more twinks out there.