I went to the bathroom last nite and thought things didn’t feel quite “right.” Upon further inspection, I noticed there was blood in my pee — which, after events from months past, kind’a freaks me out. (For those who dont know, I went to the ER becuase my pee looked like a bloody mary.) This wasn’t as extreme, but it was obvious.
Then I started having the cramps — but I went to bed, refusing to make this into a medical emergency again.
I woke up this morning, everything was fine.
I peed at 12:30 today (at work) and *ping* out it flew. It was in the bottom of the urinal and i was like “should i get it?”
I opted to leave it and went merrily on my way.
So. Cornelius, Jr. — Cornelius’ love child, no doubt, has made his way into the wide world. Thank GOD it wasn’t 1cm like last time. (Although, i was pretty amazed at the size of it. It was about the size of a salt crystal.)