I saw this today and had to share. I don’t know when this was or where it came from, but my God — it’s scary as shit and has a terrible display of mutilation of a cookie-puss thing while a cookie-puss thing is talking. If I were a talking cookie-puss thing and was watching one of my own kin being dismantled and eaten, I think i’d be screaming more like “OMG, THE HUMANITY! SOMEBODY STOP THE MADNESS, HELP HIM!” But no, he encourages you to not only eat him (assuming the asexual-sounding thing is a he, although with a name like cookie-puss, you gotta admit that it could well be a she…) — so yah, not only does he encourage us to eat him, but also encourages us to eat his internationally flavored leprochaun-puss thing.

Fucked up, I tell you.