Well, now that the rain has gone away and the sun (as bright as it is) is out, the world has become happy and stuff. Everyone is in a good mood life sparkles with sudden newness. (or something.)
I got an e-mail yesterday from Continental asking to schedule an interview for a position I applied for (thanks to David). Apparently the gods have smiled upon me TWICE now! First Matt, and now this!? Not that I’m counting my blessings or anything, but NICE! So I requested an interview for Friday and I’ll just take the whole day off and do that. The weather should be nice. Thinking I’ll go buy a new shirt for that.
So that put my evening off to a good start. So I was doing some homework and other stuff and Matt calls. He has some bad news (which I won’t get into here) and asked if he could come see me. I was surprised … I mean, he lives a little over an hour away, and it was storming outside. But of course I said yes. He came and we talked for a little while, i held him for a good long while (which was really nice) and just spent time with him doing nothing.
And he resolved a lot of my personal insecurities (which I also won’t go into here) — but I’m very happy with Matt. He’s an amazing guy wh o makes me smile like no one else. We spent the weekend together in Beaumont, taunting the locals — and I took this picture of him with my shitty phone.