I finally broke down and bought a 20gb iPod yesterday. I’ve been wanting one for quite a while, and now that we’re having some problems at work withour gateway, I don’t have a way to transfer large files. So now I have portable storage that is way cool and trendy.
Of course, one of the big factors in buying in an iPod is naming it. Being as it’s an external hard drive, you literally ahve to name it — so David and I were discussing the issue yesterday. I named his for him, and he named mine for me. His is now Poddy LuPone. Mine is Podicus. Cute and clever! 🙂

So I’ve been transferring files and stuff on and off all day today, and listening to stuff while i work. It’s really cute … I just wish it weren’t white. I know there are places i can send it to get it colored (i think it’s like $50 to do that) and you can choose from 20 colors or something.
Maybe for Christmas, eh? 🙂