Well, it’s the last day here at MAX and it’s certainly been an interesting experience. It seems that David adn I fit in an interesting group of people that was either too advanced for a class or not advanced enough. Perhaps that says something about the content of the classes, I’m not sure.

Don’t get me wrong, most of the classes have been pretty good, and we’ve learned a lot. We also met with some of the vendors and will be setting up a new reseller account with another company because iPower is shit with tech support. So we’re gonna give these other people a try and see how it works. It sounds fairly promising.

Well, I managed to catch some sort of stomach bug this weekend, and spent all of the last two days running back to the hotel room to take a shit. (Because you all know I can’t shit in a public place – just doesn’t work like that.) So it made for an interesting day.

THEN David and I had drinks last nite … A LOT of drinks (well, for me), and of course, I puked when we got back to the room and david was kind enough to strip me and put me in bed (not naked, you pervs.) (And no, I didn’t puke on myself. I’m a neat drunk. I had made my home at the toilet in plenty of time to make sure my pizza from that nite found a new, safer home.)
I’m ready to be home. I’ve had a good time and all, but I miss MY bed. And I miss lounging around in my underwear (not that I didn’t do that here in the hotel, but still. I can’t grab myself and whatnot with David here. He’d likely never be the same again.)

Anyway, I’ll be home later tonite and I’ll try to post some pictures (like the 3 i took — makes you wonder why i bothered bringing a camera.)