I am in Christmas Hell. Our office has been very … un-festive. No decorations, no holiday cheer, no nuttin. I attribute that partly to the fact that one of our coworkers is a JW.
Until today.
We our having the Multimedia Lab Holday Of Sweets Open House Thing. Everyone was supposed to bring in some sort of sweets food stuff. I made homemade cinnamon rolls last nite, and they’re quite lovely. So I walk in this morning, and it was like Christmas threw up all over the lab. Ribbons, bells, garland, bad pinecone snowmen … and god awful Christmas music. Not that cool Christmas music — but that tacky instrumental crap that you can buy at Eckerds for like $1.99. Then the token fat woman of the lab decides to put bells on all the doors — like real jingle bells. So now every time someone comes and goes (which is quite often), we get jangled to death. And she just keeps going. Putting up more lights, more ribbon, asking for fake christmas tree smell …
I’m going to die a Christmas death. All because of crap generic Christmas knick-knacks and bad music. Someone save me. Please.